Idea Write Publish is an action-focussed online program you work on each week to write and publish your book in 2016.

You'll complete 9 module over 90 days (or longer if you need) to cover all the content you need to Idea Write Publish - and publish your book in 2016. 


You’ll identify your focus for the book, how you'll approach the project and start working on Lynne Cazaly’s 'Rule of 10' to generate your content. Additionally Lynne's Idea Template and Content Spreadsheet will help you gather your thoughts and ideas and help you get ready to write.

The 3 modules in IDEA are: 

Module 1 FOCUS: Identifying the focus for your book, your thinking on the topic and how they relates to your profile and brand

Module 2 APPROACH: Preparing how you'll work through the program, research and write the content

Module 3 CONTENT: Generating content ready for writing



You’ll write, but not on a blank page! Here you'll prepare the structure of your book, work on your writing style (as you write!) and make the most of the hints and advice Lynne gives you to get your writing rhythm humming. 

The next 3 modules in the program are all about WRITE. They are: 

Module 4 STRUCTURE: Mapping out the structure of your book, the chapters, key points and topics

Module 5 STYLE: Finding and developing your writing style while unpacking all of your content

Module 6 RHYTHM: Developing a writing 'rhythm' to get the words done; tips and hacks that get your writing flowing!



Here you bring the project to fruition. You'll work out where your book will get seen, where people can buy it and if you'll use other people to support you in the cover, design, publishing or promotion. 

The final 3 modules are all about PUBLISH. They are: 

Module 7 LOGISTICS: You'll determine the logistics of your publishing platform, pages, layout, distribution and sale

Module 8 SUPPORT: Identifying who and what support you might need for this final stage and putting that into place

Module 9 LAUNCH: Letting the world know your book is on sale, where to get it and how to spread the word


The 9 Modules in Idea Write Publish


How it works

Make no mistake, this is an action program! It's not a learn now/do it later program. That approach won't get your book done. It just won't! 

Neither is it boring salesy webinars or long drawn-out podcasts. This program is about action - getting your book done. 


Getting Started

When you sign up and pay in full, you get instant access to get started on Module 1 Focus. This starts your 90 day program. You're off and running! There are 9 modules in Idea Write Publish.


Weekly Modules

Each week for 9 weeks you'll get access to the next stage and you'll do that work. (And don't worry if you need more time than a week to complete the tasks and activities in the program; you'll get access each week to new content so then it will be available when you're ready to move on to it.) 


Relax with 3 'Spare' Weeks to breathe easy!

There will also be 3 additional weeks during the writing stage, giving you plenty of time to get the words and writing phase done. 


Over the 90 days, you’ll get the insights, tips, checklists, processes, techniques and know-how to get your thinking written down, published and out there!


Online Learning - Complete it when you like and watch it as often as you like

The program runs via an online learning platform. You'll simply need access to the internet to complete each of the modules of the program. 

In each module there are tasks, activities, checklists and work to complete. This is how you'll get your book done. 

As these pieces come together over the 90 days, you'll be published. 


As you learn, you will do; as you do, you will be done!


You'll get:


Direct advice and information from Lynne Cazaly on how to put your thinking into writing into a book. 


Lynne shares her learning, tips and the whole process with you in short videos and podcasts so you can watch again and again or listen back if you need to clarify or revisit the content. 


There are tasks and activities to help you generate ideas for your book. 


You'll get Lynne Cazaly's writing framework tool to help and support you with your writing, identifying some of the most common challenges and concerns and plenty of advice, tips and solutions to help you through. 


When it comes to getting your written words into the book, you'll have all you need to make it happen. Advice, direction, tips, contacts, suggestions and specifications on books, pages, layout and publishing. 


Most people struggle with the sheer amount of time (the think) writing and publishing a book will take. Lynne will give you so many tips, hacks and short cut advice (learned from her own publishing experience) to get you moving and well on your way to being in print. 


And if at any time during the program you don't know what to do, you can ask questions, get further advice or other questions answered. 


Idea Write Publish includes

  • worksheets and tasks to complete to get your ideas, writing and publishing sorted
  • tasks and activities to get your book structured and the writing completed
  • advice, assistance and information on getting your book printed, published and in your hands ready to sell or gift
  • video learning sessions
  • direct advice from Lynne Cazaly
  • podcasts and audio files to listen to over again when you need the assistance, advice and guidance
  • templates for your book structure, tasks, research, compilation and collation 
  • advice on publishing, printing and contacts and sources for production
  • hints and insights on short cuts, timesaving approaches and the secrets to saving time, sweat (and tears)
  • advice on how to leverage and promote your book when it’s completed and ready for sale
  • ideas, suggestions and plans for how to promote and market your book
  • worksheets, PDFs and checklists to guide you through the entire process.
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