Where are you at?

Where are you at on the Idea Write Publish path?

  • You have some copy or words written but in no particular order


  • You've started writing okay but now you’ve hit a plateau or a speed hump


  • You worry about how you’d get it printed, or what would be in it or who’d edit it 


  • You're wondering what this book should be about


  • You think there’s too much to write about - how could you possibly fit it all in one book?


  • No ...  you're wondering if you even have enough to say for one book!?


  • Perhaps you have written a book - you have lots of words, but what what do you do with it now?


  • You're wondering what the best path is forward from where you are


  • You know what to do to write a book but aren't sure of the finer points on getting it printed, designed or distributed - so many questions