A book with your name on it

Books have become the 'better-than-a-business-card’ tool of today. They’re an immediate way to show that you've got a point of view and that you have some wonderful expertise.  

Yes, authoring a book shows you have a story to tell, advice to give or you want to provide an accompaniment to your services. This is ideal if you’re a coach, trainer or business or management consultant. 


Imagine being able to drop a book on the desk or table of a prospective client… it's powerful, influential and impactful.  You’re saying ‘here’s my thinking on the topic’!


But let's face it - writing a book is a big deal. There are plenty of people who start but can’t finish. Or they don't start because they’re not sure of what's really involved ... it can be a tricky process to think, write and publish! 

So, yes, a book is a BIG project.  Many people start with great intentions, some clever ideas and a few words here and there with their initial attempts to write a book. I sure did! Several times. I think I had six different books that I'd started - and none of them finished, published or available for sale or put to 'work' for me!

A book can seem insurmountable at times; especially if you start with a flurry and then it all fades away and other things in life seem to take a higher priority. 

Having a book with your name on it isn't an 'ego' thing. In fact the opposite is true; it's saying 'here is my thinking', 'here's what I'm working on' or 'here's where I'm heading next'. 

A book is the 'better-than-a-business-card' tool of today. With social media available for you to share your thoughts, ideas and opinions, a book is the perfect way to bring these - and other -  ideas together in a focused, professional and contemporary way. 


Leverage the Impact of Your Book in 2016

Having your own book published in 2016 will help take you from being lost or hidden in the crowd. With so many businesses, consultants, thought leaders, marketers and job hunters looking to stand out and have a profile, it's too easy to slip into the space where everyone else is. Being a commodity or the same as others doesn't give you a competitive advantage. You're lost, hidden. 

If you appear the same as every other consultant or coach or business owner or team member, how do you get ahead, build your profile or get known for your unique offer, services or expertise? Whether you're starting up your own business - or hope to in the future - having your profile clearly positioned early on in the journey is smart thinking. And if you're already along the journey of being a freelancer, sole trader, entrepreneur or business guru, the best time is now. 

Writing and publishing a book is a direct strategy to help you break clear from average. 

You'll build your profile in the field or industries you're interested in, strengthen your identity and be able to leverage the power of having your thinking, ideas and knowledge in print.

This powerful combination helps position you in the market or industry in which you work - or would like to work. And if you're writing a book for sheer pleasure, you'll position your unique thinking and ideas in a way that no one else has. 

You'll move from commodity to identity; from average to leverage. 

Make 2016 the year you write and publish your book.